Forklift Inspection

Inspecting the Condition of Forklifts

The operator is responsible for performing daily maintenance. This also includes the inspection of the lifting forks. Lifting fork inspection is performed visually and with instruments. ISO forks and DIN forks.

Fork thickness cannot vary more than 10% from the original thickness. Inspection is performed at a distance of 10 cm from the fork’s heel with calibers. If the difference is more than 10%, then the fork should be marked on the side with red paint and it should be taken out of operation. Load capacity is then reduced to only 20%.

Lifting Fork Inspection for Permanent Deformation

K max = L/66, replace if K ≥ L / 33

Lifting Fork Inspection for Squareness

Lifting Fork Inspection for Visible Cracks

Inside corner and attachment inspection. Magnetic and penetration inspection.

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