Bucket selection depends on material, operating cycle and special needs. We offer a wide range of buckets with different prices and quality. Domestic and foreign manufacturers in mind.

Log Grapples

Log grips are often an underrated accessory. In fact, there are a lot of different grip varieties that relate to purpose, material and price.

  • Transport grapples
  • Sorting grapples
  • Grapples with a pusher, and without
  • Narrow and wide grapples
  • Grapples with reinforced construction


Forks are undeniably the most commonly used material handling equipment. To paraphrase a famous saying, “Tell me what you want to lift, and I’ll tell you with what kind of fork you can lift it.” We offer a wide range of heavy duty, specifically engineered forks – roller-type, shaft-type – as well as custom-built forks from the world’s top manufacturers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s find the best available solution.


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